To check the latest status on your order, you may choose to check either via Method 1 or Method 2.

For Standard Shipping  - Registered Mailing via Singpost

Method 1 - Checking via Singpost Website

Step 1
Visit Singpost's "Track Items" Website here

Step 2
Enter the tracking number given to you.

How to Track Your Order - Standard Shipping

Step 3
After clicking the "Check Item Status" button, it should read "Further processing in progress XXXXX XXXXX POST OFFICE" if it has been deposited for registered mailing at the post office. 

The Post Office would be responsible for the parcel from there on and would proceed to arrange for dispatch overseas once scanning of parcels and clearance has been conducted. 

Step 4
You may check status again for updated information in a few days' time, if you wish to. 

If item has already been dispatched overseas, latest status message would be reflected like this. 

How to Track Your Order - Standard Shipping

Do note that country code is a short form for the country it has been dispatched to.
For Example
US : United States
BR : Brazil
UK : United Kingdom
AU : Australia

How to Track Your Order - Standard Shipping

** Depending on individual countries, status might be updated frequently with many status information.

If there is not much information after the recent status of "Despatched to Overseas", you might wish to click the blue link in the website to be redirected to the despatched country's post office website (for example, Canada Post website if mailed to Canada).

However, please do not be alarmed if you are unable to find anything using this tracking number at the dispatched country's post office website as it might not track parcels sent from overseas.

Method 2 - Checking via Our Website Page

Step 1
Head over to the tracking page of our website here

Step 2
Enter either of the following:
• Email address / Mobile number registered in your order and Order Number


• Tracking number given to you

How to Track Your Order - Standard Shipping
Step 3
Search results should show the tracking status as follows:

How to Track Your Order - Standard Shipping
Important Note
You may opt-in for email updates on your order status by simply toggling the switch to the side until it's green. 

** Do kindly be notified that all orders are opt-in for notifications by default **

If you wish to opt-out of email updates on your order status, toggle the switch off.

You may also toggle the language options to your preferred language.

We support English, French and Spanish for now.