Please be sure of your purchase before submitting an order

Please be sure of your purchase before submitting an order

As there has been an increase of customers who cancel their item(s) or orders immediately upon submitting an order, we would like to therefore gently remind customers to be extremely sure of your purchase before submitting an order. 

This is because we are subjected to permanent transaction fees imposed by Shopify, whenever an order is made via their platform, this is regardless of whether there is a refund issued thereafter. Apart from that, if the supplier or factory has already dispatched the item to our overseas warehouse, we would also have to pay for the courier fees back to the supplier or factory and this is non-disbursable, on our own expenses.


As much as we cherish all customers and try our best to serve everyone with much dedication and love, we are ultimately a business and have operations and expenditures that we need to retain sustainably therefore we would be enforcing a policy whereby customers who cancelled their item(s) or orders will be blacklisted from future purchases with us and we deeply regret any disappointment and inconveniences caused.

We sincerely thank you for your kind understanding and hope customers understand that this was a hard decision for all of us to make. 


To reach us more efficiently (should you wish to cancel an order), please kindly inform or contact us via the Facebook Messenger here

Please kindly be reminded that all cancellation requests must be received within two hours of your order.  Any cancellation requests received after that will be duly ignored and order will proceed to be fulfilled.