Shipping Disruptions: Netherlands and Philippines

Shipping Disruptions: Netherlands and Philippines

Due to postal disruptions in the Netherlands and Philippines, we are unable to effectively deliver to these countries using the 'Free Standard Shipping' delivery and will therefore temporarily cease this shipping option to these countries with immediate effect.

We hope to seek the kind understanding from affected customers and would like to refer them to the detailed explanations below.



- On 16 April 2024, PostNL has informed us that they would take up to 30 days to process and release a parcel.


- They ('PostNL') are unable to provide any further tracking updates on their website for now, even if the parcel has been released from customs and after the customs and administrative fees have been paid.


- They ('PostNL') are also unable to provide any expected delivery date and can only advise the sender to wait and file an enquiry with their origin postal company.



- Philippines Post has advised on their website that they would now take up to 20 days to process any international parcel received. 



- Between Feb - March, a customer's parcel has arrived in the Philippines as at 12 February 2024 but Philippines Post only sent it to the delivery office to be delivered on 27 February 2024, after much probing and chasing from us (which we did with much difficulty to contact them).


- Apart from that, Philippines Post also requested our customer to send them the customs fee before it will be arranged to be delivered to her. 


Therefore withstanding to the above reasons, we deeply regret any disappointments and inconveniences and sincerely thank all of you for your kind understanding with regards to the removal of these countries as we do not want our customers to wait too long for their parcels as well to avoid any misunderstandings. 


We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage customers, whose national postal carrier has postal disruptions or irregularities, to top up and opt for the Expedited Shipping option for a peace of mind and to ensure that your item gets delivered to you safely and in time.


The above information is accurate at the time of publication and please rest assured that this removal is temporary and we will re-instate them once the postal situation gets better in these countries.