USPS Postal Delays

USPS Postal Delays

Please be informed that USPS has informed us that due to the recent harsh winter conditions, postal deliveries have proven to be difficult and although they re-assured that their drivers will try their best to make every attempt to deliver, we would like to highlight that customers in the United States (who have chosen the 'Free Standard Shipping' option) should reasonably expect some amount of delays and we sincerely apologise for any unforeseen delays in advance.

Customers are therefore highly encouraged to opt for the Expedited Shipping option during this period of time. 

We would like to once again reiterate that this only applies to customers in the United States that have selected the 'Free Standard Shipping' option. Customers residing in other countries remain unaffected.

To read more on this, please kindly refer to the advisory issued by USPS here.

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