We Are Removing Paypal From Our Payment Modes

We Are Removing Paypal From Our Payment Modes

Firstly, we would like customers to know that this decision did not come easily as we know that some of you would prefer to make payment via Paypal but sadly, although Paypal has brought many convenience and ease of mind to our customers, it has also acted more like a double edged sword to us, especially in recent years.


This is due to two reasons:


1. Fraudulent Claims by Buyers

Although we pride ourselves in being honest and trustworthy sellers, some customers have chosen to exploit us by leveraging on their Paypal buyers' protection and claiming that they have not received a package (even though we did send the package out and with substantial proof of it being delivered to the right shipping address).


In addition to that, whenever such customers submit a buyer's claim, we get charged a dispute fee by Paypal (on top of the claim amount) and all of this is especially upsetting as our sales and fulfillment team do try their best to treat all orders with genuine care and making sure orders get delivered correctly. 



2. Exponential Increase in Paypal Transaction Fees for Sellers 


Paypal fees for sellers have been increasing to the point where it is very unreasonable, especially in cases when we issue back a refund to customers.

For example, when a customer purchases an item which is USD $130, in the event that the item is not available and we issue back a full refund, we still get charged a seller's fee of USD $6.02, even though we did not make any sales. 


Attributing to the above reasons, we really had no choice but to take the hard decision of abolishing Paypal altogether to stay sustainable as a business and hope to seek the kind understanding of all customers. 

I have already paid via Paypal, what should I do?

If you have already made payment via Paypal, you do not have to do anything as we will still be retaining our Paypal account permanently so yes, your buyer protection will still be there and you can still file any dispute claims if needed. 

Please kindly rest assured that even if this means that you would have to make payment via other payment modes (such as debit / credit card) from now on, we will still continue to issue refunds for valid reasons, regardless of your payment modes (which we have always been doing for both debit / credit card as well as Paypal customers).